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“Digitization” will no longer be a scary word for restaurants. Many will make an effort to get ahead of the curve by equipping themselves for continued success. Mobile payments, checkout software and next-generation vendors are making it easier for business owners to focus on the important things like atmosphere, employees and customer service (which are all too important!).

1. What is digitalization in restaurants?

Select a digital solution to increase operational efficiency and improve the customer experience in your restaurant. Sure, you’ll have to make some adjustments along the way, as you always do when new things are involved. But if you can harness its potential, it’s simple and intuitive, and it pays off big time!

Can a restaurant run without an app? Of course it can. But it is becoming more and more important today. Thousands of restaurants across France have already taken the plunge, because it’s simple and convenient and, above all, because it’s the best way to further improve the experience you offer your customers. Whether it’s paying the bill, placing an order or even managing your inventory, you want all of these operations to take place on your app!

They are always more demanding… They are always looking for the best possible experience. Of course, what matters most is your kitchen and your service, the decoration of your establishment, the music that is played… But digital can also help you stand out.

2. The benefits of digitalization

Let’s review the most obvious highlights of digital in the restaurant:

  • A better customer experience: digital menus, online reservation modules, click & collect, home delivery, mobile payment… all these little extra services are valuable for your customers.
  • Better operational management of the restaurant: in the dining room in particular ➡️ Staff can focus on what really matters: service.
  • Time saving. Less rushing, less stress and more friendly exchanges with your customers.

3. Digital, a valuable ally in the restaurant business.

Gather valuable information about your customers. What are their favorite dishes? What do they like to drink during dinner? Some digital tools allow you to better know your guests and to consolidate your customer file. This is very useful to orientate your offer and make it easier to retain your customers.
Plus, Our Solution is perfect if you’re looking to stand out from your competitors while offering a service no one else can compete with. And if you’re ready to take your startup to the next level, it’s time to digitize your restaurant, don’t worry, I explain all the steps in detail below…

4. Your online presence: website and social media

The reflex of all potential customers today? Search for a restaurant on Google and check out the reviews before deciding whether or not to go there.
The web has become your best chance of attracting new customers and getting your name out there. That’s why it’s so important to have a website, a Google My Business listing and well-designed social media accounts.
To learn more, you can read this article on Instagram best practices. Or this one that gives you some rules to follow to have a beautiful website.
From the kitchen to your phone, digital helps simplify your life. The kitchen is the most important factor when it comes to restaurants. But that’s not all! It’s everything around it that’s important! It’s the whole experience that will keep your customers coming back.

To conclude, what matters in addition ?

To be in a pleasant place, well decorated, with a good atmosphere. But that’s not all. Digital has also played a role in improving the customer experience in restaurants.

Restaurant owners can now entertain more customers with new tools, save time and increase revenue. However, service and human interaction are still essential in any restaurant. Technology is not there to replace them. No one wants to go to a soulless digital restaurant, but rather to a restaurant that intelligently uses technology to make everyone’s life easier!

If all your customers left 5-star reviews on Google, TripAdvisor and social media, the world would be a wonderful place. In the real world, that’s not always the case. With that in mind, you can only hope that word-of-mouth marketing will reach new potential customers who want to visit your store down the street. If they are satisfied with their experience in your business, there is no doubt that these positive reviews could bring an influx of customers to your door!

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