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You can now add a URL on your Stories! How exciting is that? Now sharing what you’ve been up to and showing the world the interesting stuff you are posting online will be easier than ever. We’re curious, why have we not yet been able to share our affiliate links, YouTube videos or photos of hot dogs with buns in Stories before?!

This is great news for any restaurant or hotel that wants an extra avenue to garner followers. And for all those foodies out there – this new function should make it that much simpler for you to share what you get up to as dinner draws near!

How to add a link?

To add a sticker as a hyperlink to a Story, simply :

  • As with any Story, capture or upload content to add it;
  • Select the sticker tool in the top navigation bar;
  • Press the “Link” sticker to add the desired link and press “Done”;
  • Place the sticker on the Story – as for the usual stickers – and press on it to see the color variations.

    After its last update and the possibility to publish a post from your computer, Instagram continues to open its social platform. Beware, this new feature is not yet available for everyone but it is being deployed.


Instagram is making it easier to share photos and videos while also maintaining privacy on one’s profile. They are working on an upgrade to the “Link” button, which users press in order to access a second account when posting content. The new feature will let users preview what they will be posting on the secondary feed before they actually post it. In addition, Instagram has launched new methods of identifying accounts that repeatedly violate their Community Guidelines and have been identified as such by other users already Instagram itself. Users who have behaved inappropriately enough to be reported multiple times will have their “Link” button disabled until they modify their behavior or adequately explain why their actions do not constitute violations of the policy.