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Instagram: a crucial application

Hey, we have some great tips if you want to get a lot of followers in a very short time on Instagram! You need to optimize your social media channels. If you’re looking for new ways to engage your audience and get people interested in what you do, this article is for you.

We explain how images made with carousels can get more views and engagement than regular photos, so your efforts will be well spent.

Make sure you’re using Instagram to its full potential: follow the ideas we provide!

 What is Instagram?

Instagram, a social network and photo and video sharing service founded and launched in October 2010.  It is a crucial acquisition platform for restaurants. It offers various options for sharing content: simple post, video, reels or carousels. Some posting modes work best to convert an Instagram user into a customer.

What format should culinary entrepreneurs choose to engage a community and also please Instagram’s algorithm?

– What content can be shared?

– How often should you post without being uninspired?

Every business needs to advertise. That’s a fact. And the best way to get the attention of potential customers is through social media. Fortunately, social media marketing is not that complicated and can be done at home with just a cell phone or a personal computer.

You see, social media is so important these days that you don’t necessarily have to do your own internet marketing if you lack funds or resources, but what you absolutely need is your own website or a branded store on Instagram and then all you’ll have to do is create posts based on the different ideas I’m going to give you here.

Ideas to follow :

  • A series of posts that invite you to tell a story, to immerse the user in your restaurant, to make them salivate with different angles of the dish. When a single post can leave a taste of “too little”, not enough to convert the user. An opportunity to create more desire with more content!

  • While videos and reels require editing and production time, carousels only need attractive content. If you can’t hire a professional photographer, it’s up to you! Let the artist in you vibrate ; )


  •  Bring your dishes to life by sharing the tasting of an individual meal/dessert as a series of photos. The user scrolls through the images and becomes more immersed in the meal, as if they were tasting it themselves. This is a great way to make the audience salivate and to put yourself in the shoes of a gourmet.


  • It’s important to give the flavor department some punch. To do this, share photos of your dishes, ingredients … in beautiful angles

Beautiful visuals, but not only … 

When viewers visit your site or app, they need to know exactly what they’re looking at from the start. It’s not enough to show the food you created in all its glory and color. Potential customers want to understand what your product is, why it’s cool, and how you made it, so they can be sure that what they’re about to enjoy is up to their expectations.

By displaying the original ingredients of your dish on the plate for transparency, carousels allow you to play with the pre and post effect or vice versa. Some restaurants use it to showcase a finished dish before customers have a chance to see what went into creating such a beautiful dish. It’s a great way to showcase the quality of the product and the farmers’ products.

Make your restaurant appealing to customers online, from the first course to dessert. As they scroll through the photos and progress through the meal, they’ll remember the great time they had. Your customers will want to come back for more, and maybe even visit your restaurant for another dining experience.

If you want to share an overview of your restaurant online, carousels are a great way to do it! With carousels, you can not only showcase your dishes in your feed, but also help potential customers choose their seats. 

Communicate with your followers to boost engagement even more!

With the health crisis still on people’s minds, more and more French people are getting into cooking lately! By sharing with them one of your magical recipes, you create a close and exclusive link. Feed carousels allow you to present each step of your recipe without compromising the aesthetics of your timeline!

Let me ask you something… do you run a blog? A personal blog, I mean. If so, why not write about your business and its progress? This will help you build trust with your customers and ultimately bring you more business, which is what we all want, right? Please read this post for more information on the topic of blogging.

 Finding good ideas and engaging ones

How do you come up with great ideas for Instagram every day? To win over your community and gain new followers, you need to share content that people love and that makes an impact on them. And do it daily to create a strong connection with them and anchor your restaurant in their minds.

Posting engaging content regularly will also help improve your account’s value in the eyes of Instagram’s algorithm. Your posts will gain visibility with users, be featured in the subscriber’s news feed but also in the discovery section. For Instagram, it’s all about providing the best experience to its customers! The algorithm values accounts that create value.

If you want to stand out to your audience as well as on Instagram, then you’ll need to keep up with the trends on a daily basis and stay on top of the latest news and current events. How? You can do this by staying informed by following blogs and even subscribing to relevant newsletters. Then, you can post on your page several times a week at regular intervals.


There, now you know everything about how to optimize your social networks, especially Instagram!

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