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The steps to make your restaurant attractive and shiny online!

+200% online visibility for your restaurant,

+15% increase in sales, (especially true in touristic location)


Google is one of the most popular sites on the internet, and with very good reason. Through tweaking your restaurant’s visibility on it, you can drive a lot of customers straight to your establishment! Since many people rely on Google for information today, we developed ResTranslate so that menus at different establishments are translated in different languages and conveyed as easily searchable information. This will help a greater number of patrons find nearby restaurants, which can lead to more customers and greater profits.

A solution crafted by restaurant owners, in order to support them in their digital marketing strategy. Because running a restaurant is not something you can do while working on the online channels at the same time — those responsibilities require a specialized knowledge and budget. This is why the answer to “what’s so unique about this product?” should be personalized: ResTranslate is a project developed with restaurant owners’ needs in mind to help them handle daily tasks like communicating on social media or managing Google reviews without being overwhelmed by all of it by themselves.



● Boost your restaurant’s rankings in the organic search results by moving up the Google SERPs

● Move up the Google positions of restaurants

● Improve your online reputation

● Save time

● Converting customers

First of all, why work on your digital storefront?

In digital marketing, SEO is the set of techniques that help a website to rise in the search results. As soon as we talk about search results, we must ask ourselves about the nature of the requests for which it is interesting to appear at the top: the keywords. They correspond to the terms that prospects will use to find what they are looking for online. There are two main types of SEO:

Investing in paid referencing is one way to get the word out, but we wouldn’t recommend it. So-called natural referencing is a lot better and will give you a lot more benefits in the long run. This means that your website will appear at the top of the search results without ever having to pay for advertisement for example and by doing this, it will avoid losing credibility with your customers whom you can establish a more personal relationship with because they haven’t been advertised to. Investing in natural self-promotion strategy will allow more people to find you online, build trust with potential customers by connecting personally, and let them feel good about your company!

The result in the first position has a click-through rate 10 times higher than that of the tenth position. 75% of clicks happen on the first three results found, pictures matters !

Photos Google My Business

1) Adapt your sales actions to the year’s calendar and seasons


And, as we all know, Google does not like serving unreliable content. The company has made it clear that it is in its own interest to serve “the best experience for the user.” For example, this is how it explains its decision to remove the “View Image” button from Google Images, a decision that was met with fierce criticism from photographers.
Content:  The fact that the content of a directive remains very vague, however, has only increased the confusion. And some are looking at Google’s history of update to guess what the update might look like.

2) Display consistency of online restaurant information on Google

ResTranslate is a full-service establishment menu management software. It includes all the information about the establishment: name, address, logo, opening hours, website, menu, reservation module, telephone and specific attributes. It is designed for both local and international use, consisting of several functionalities.

It’s advantageous to quickly update your menu and services from the interface, as it’s instantly applied across all platforms where the business exists. For example, say one adds a “heated terrace” on its attributes in winter, which alternatively helps restaurants avoid forgetting to update things like this one platform at a time, which would lead to inconsistency of data.

Google My Business Statistiques 

An online establishment, especially the one from which people make actual purchases, needs to be consistent and trustworthy, offering detailed materials that are able to inform Internet users of anything they need to know when it comes down to their visit. The customer knows what they can expect while also not risking being caught up in frustration should the restaurant be closed or there happen to be different prices on the menu than those initially presented in preparation for approaching this establishment. Having accurate information is something Google’s algorithm rewards  as well. If the algorithm notices a high level of consistency in an establishment’s content, it will consider this business reliable, which is how a trustworthy presence can help boost your website rankings!


3) Strategically appropriate the keywords for Google


ResTranslate works hand in hand with restaurant owner completes a long interview about his establishment, its cuisine, its geographical environment, its specificities, its target customers. The position of Google Maps restaurants on these keywords and the identity of better positioned competitors. These should then be used strategically. General description, Google my Business posts and responses to customer reviews: the restaurant owner is warned of the good use or not of the keywords.

Google My Business KeyWords 

An active Internet user who wishes to go to a “pizzeria paris 16” and a restaurant owner that deals with seeking out new restaurant-based keywords on a regular basis are more likely to meet. A strategic use of its terms allows an establishment to be able to stand out in the search results of Restaurant/Food based Google Maps city centre searches – an area where every business wants a higher listing due to the sheer volume of traffic it can potentially bring in customers. It is thus able to create more positive recurring links that help improve its reputation naturally over time.

4) Become attractive on social networks

To gain notoriety on social networks, it is necessary to publish quality content regularly and maintain an aesthetic page.

A regular publishing frequency, varied and qualitative content, an aesthetically pleasing global page: keys to your online notoriety, and to generate a growing and engaged community. Properly  used hashtags: to reach a niche audience looking for specific content.

And the Instagram algorithm rewards pages that play the game of the features made available, such as hashtags.

Statistiques Instagram/Facebook

5) Tracking performance

All of the data collected from the business’ profile on the consultative map, as well as over-referenced social features allow for an efficient review of your establishment’s performances throughout various periods and platforms. Through Google My Business, a representative can routinely check to see how many reviews have been posted, and what their average ratings are as well as track what actions customers have taken with regards to your business on other social media sites or mobile apps.

statistiques ResTranslate

6) Work as a team to maximize the visibility of your restaurants on Google and social networks

As a restaurant manager, you probably feel overwhelmed with the amount of emails coming in from all over the web asking for information about what time your restaurant closes and when you are open again. Here’s the good news! ResTranslate’s system of managing your business’ social media outlets can save you and anyone else who has access to it hundreds of hours and make sure incoming reservation requests never go unanswered, no matter how distracting your day might be!